Typography & Graphic Design Course


University of Virginia


After attending the Educator Forum at TypeCon 2014, I decided to try my hand at teaching Typography. Over the next few months I developed course materials, and with the support of a mentor, I was allowed to teach UVA's first-ever course on graphic design.




Logo design, editorial design, graphic design, web design

Lecture Decks

I structured each lesson to include a lecture and either a project or critique. The lectures included the basics of type anatomy, layout systems, principles of good design, color systems, Gestalt, and more.

Letterpress Workshop

To help the students learn the most in the short time we had, I arranged several out of class experiences. The most impactful of these was a printing history and letterpress workshop at the Rare Book School.

Student Design Gallery

We ended the semester with a gallery to showcase the best student works. Each student had at least one design on display.