Teen Game


Teen Game


In the summer of 2011, I wrote and published the first book on teenage social dynamics. It was sparked by an immense online community of driven teens that I helped in early 2009. After years of stagnation, I decided to revisit the project: editting the copy and giving it a new life online—free for anyone to read.




Logo design, editorial design, graphic design, web design


I designed the logo as a combination of a heart and the yin-yang symbol—Teen Game’s old logo. This combination reflects the purpose one might have for reading the book; their heart feels incomplete, seeking balance.

I placed a strong emphasis on equal spacing and parallel elements when designing the logo. The logo’s clean geometry and flat aesthetic firmly place it on the page.

Readability on the web often poses a major problem for long-form publications. To solve this potential issue, I sharply contrasted color, and kept the blocks of text thin by using various percentages of the page as margins (based on device size).