An Ethnography of Garbage Fonts: a TypeCon Talk

April 11, 2017

I've just received word that the lovely attendees of TypeCon will have to endure me as a speaker once again! This year, I will deliver a brief ethnography of Garbage Fonts, you know, the ones that look like ice or fire, or like they're melting. I will examine who makes them, why they make them, and why they're so popular.

Acquired the Typography Facebook Page

March 24, 2017

In an odd and exciting turn of events, I have just taken ownership of the largest Typography Facebook Page, which boasts 150K likes. The page had been relatively dormant for some time—it started an a passion project, and those tend to fade. I plan to breathe new life into the page, sharing typography news and tools from across the industry on a regular basis. You can see the page here.

Launching Intro to Type

March 21, 2017

Years after teaching Introduction to Typography at the University of Virginia, I decided it was time to revise and reformat the material, giving it a new life online. The course, which can be found at, will be a full 12-weeks of video lessons, assignments, live webinars, and more. Covering everything from type anatomy to gestalt to layout systems, Intro to Type is the course I wish I had access to years ago.

Visual Communities: a TEDxCharlottesville talk

September 25

For the second time, I had the privilege of speaking at the TEDxCharlottesville local speakers event alongside 11 other talented and passionate individuals. I spoke on Visual Communities, which—akin to Speech Communities—affect the way we interpret the world. The talk, I am told, came in second place (there's a voting aspect to the night).

Type in Films: a TypeCon talk

August 24, 2016

Today I had the terrifying pleasure of speaking at TypeCon, one of the largest and most influential typography conferences in the world. TypeCon holds a special place in my heart, and being able to speak this year has been an incredible honor. My talk—Hollywood Remakes: Type's Relationship to Story looked at 4 pairs of original films and their modern Hollywood remakes, paying special attention to the type used in each pair and analyzing what the type choices said about the renditions of the story. The talk itself was a smashing success, receiving praise by Rodger Black, Mark Simonson, Paul McNeil, and Carol Wahler, among others.

Launching Type365

february 21, 2016

Today I'm launching a typography blog, I plan to post free tips, ebooks, courses, and interviews on a fairly regular basis—the goal: to make typography more fun and accessible to the masses. I also hope to raise the average quality of typographic information online: all the information will come out of the books in my library, not other tutorials online.